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ASOMACAO is the acronym for "Association of Friends of Ara Macao".

The association was founded in November 2014 to unite all organizations working with parrots and macaws in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica.


To be the leading conservation organization for native parrots and macaws in the Costa Rican Pacific.


To develop rescue and rehabilitation projects, create biological connectivity and to reinforce environmental education & research for the conservation of the red macaw ("Ara Macao") and other species of macaws and parrots in Costa Rica.


As a result of urban growth, deforestation and hunting, the native populations of Costa Rican parrots and macaws has been seriously threatened in the last 100 years. For example, the red macaw (lapa), after inhabiting about 80% of the national territory, has reduced to a few scattered populations.

Our Activities

  • Reduce the original causes of decimation of Costa Rican parrot populations

  • Predict the survival capacity of populations

  • Rescue and rehabilitation of native parrots and macaws

  • Environmental education

Our Projects

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