Educational School Programs

In order for the Ara Macao to live and thrive in our area once again, we believe that it is important to educate the communities that are directly impacted by these birds.  We know that the success of our project is dependent upon the active engagement of the communities and that is why we are so excited to have a team of educators and naturalists who have put together an education program for elementary schools in the area. With this program, educators go into classrooms (usually 4th and 5th grade) and engage students in activities focusing on learning about the animals and plants of the area. The overarching goal of the education program is to promote the shared responsibility for the success of a thriving population of Ara Macaos.   We do this by:

  • Making personal connections with students, the experiences they have had, and the animals they care about

  • Providing hands-on science that teaches about the specific adaptations of the Ara Macao that help it survive in the wild

  • Engaging students in learning about ecosystems and interdependence of species.

  • Guiding students in understanding what it means to be a “wild animal” and how the needs of a wild animal differ from those of the domestic animals we call pets.

  • Providing a context to better understand the history of deforestation in the region and providing opportunities to plant trees.

The team has visited schools in Manuel Antonio, Sabalo, and Villa Nueva and has plans to reach as many schools as possible between Parita and Uvita in the coming months.

Students learn about interdependence of species and the delicate balance that an ecosystem needs to thrive.   Students share their personal experiences with the Ara Macao and other wild animals.


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