Project: La Joya

Barro de Turrubares - Costa Rica

By: Rafael Flores, Manager

The company CIFSA S.A. always had the conviction of transcending in the environmental aspect which is why in May of the year 2000 it buys the property denominated from that moment “La Joya”, which consists of 11.5 Hectares, located in the community of Barro de Turrubares.

An average of 1000 trees are planted yearly and what was once a deforested land devastated by fires of the previous years has now become a sanctuary of different species of native trees and others introduced with a single purpose: to produce food for the animals of the area and flowers to beautify the place.

Today thanks to the support of my family, collaborators of the company and community we have created a Wildlife Shelter duly authorized by the MINAE (Ministry of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica). The sanctuary shelters in conditions of freedom: scarlet macaws, whitetail deer, a crocodile, armadillos, squirrels, parrots and many other species that return to the area to find tranquility, security and most important food.

Produce such as oranges, sweet lemons, papayas, pineapples, mangos, bananas, plantains, almonds and loquat are grown non-profit.

It is our commitment to open “La Joya” to schools, the nursing home and other people that are committed to the care of the environment.

As a company with the certification of the “Blue, Ecological Flag”, we promote activities such as cleaning rivers, parks, planting trees and recycling.


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