Project: San Francisco Park

Salitral, Santa Ana - Costa Rica

When Alessandro Poma-Murialdo retired from his work in 1990, his love for birds absorbed him. In a garden near La Sabana, he began his passion for raising birds, especially psittacines (macaws, parrots and parakeets). In 2008 he founded San Francisco Park in Salitral, Santa Ana, Costa Rica, to establish the Ara Macao reproduction center (zoocriadero) without commercial purposes now called “Neotropical Parrots”.

San Francisco Park is dedicated to the reproduction of psittacines, mainly Scarlet Macaws (Ara Macao), to be released into the wild and for repopulating different areas along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. By collaborating with SINAC-MINAE and other authorized Friends of the Ara Macao, San Francisco Park also serves as a rescue center for other species of parrots and macaws rescued from the wildlife trade. It is responsible for their physical and behavioral recovery and to release or transfer them to other centers. Today, San Francisco Park has released or transferred over 150 Scarlet Macaws or other birds.

The park features over fifteen cages where 15 breeding pairs of Ara Macao live separately and reproduce. The bird population in the park consists of more than 100 individual birds, including macaws and parrots. Bird care and hygiene are strictly regulated, and changes and improvements are constantly made. Birds from San Francisco Park are trained and prepared to be released into the wild as soon as they are fit for the process.


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