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Scouts visit to the reserve at Gaia and the releasing of three Scarlet Macaws

On Sunday 21st July the Quepos scouts group came to visit the reserve at Gaia Hotel. Ana Maria gave them lots of interesting facts about the Macaws and told them all about the work Asomacao does at Gaia. Ana Maria and the volunteers then took the group on a short walk around the reserve. They were given the task to spot as many different species of animals as they could see. They all really enjoyed it and were very competitive!

Three Scarlet Macaws were ready to be released the same day so the cage was opened, and the scouts were taken closer to the cage so they could have a good look at them. The next day all the Macaws had bravely left the cage. Once the scouts had the opportunity to see the Macaws close up, Ana Maria took them to the hotel’s restaurant for some snacks and refreshments. They had an excellent morning and will hopefully be getting more involved in Asomacao’s activities.