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There are many ways for you to help the Macaw!

Make a Donation

We are a nonprofit organization and depend on donations to sustain our breeding and release programs, to continue to develop environmental education, community outreach programs and research


Do you love working with parrots? If so, we need your help. Join us for a fun and rewarding experience!

Report Your Macaw Sightings

You would help us a lot - and therewith the Macaws - if you would let us know when and where you see a macaw!

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Become a bird counting site

Besides informing us of where and when the birds are being seen, this documentation effort will be useful in evaluating the effects of urbanization and land cover change on the ideal habitat of the Scarlet Macaw.

It takes truckloads of supplies to keep our facilities functioning throughout the year. There are many different things, large or small, that can help us at the Ara Project with animal care, education and facilities maintenance.