Volunteer Positions

Volunteer Positions

The non-profit Asomacao CR is currently offering one position to volunteer at the main release site in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica to give direct support to our veterinarian Ana Maria Torres who is overseeing the entire operation of the project.

Main tasks you will conduct include: 

* Collaboration in environmental education days

* Monitoring of free macaws in the area of Manuel Antonio

* Review of counting sites that are part of the monitoring program of macaws in the central Pacific

* Inspection visits to all projects that are part of ASOMACAO in Costa Rica

* Preparation and supply of food for scarlet macaws

* Cleaning and disinfection of bird enclosures

* Support on reforestation initiatives

* Forest nursery maintenance

* Updating of gathered information and databases


* Must be over 18 years

* Although we do not require you to have specific knowledge of the species, - you must definitely love to work outdoors and easily adapt to the ever-changing weather conditions in Costa Rica

* Physical conditions must be optimal for outdoor work

* Minimum stay length of 3 months is required

* We expect a high level of maturity (emotional balance, ability to coexist, team player, high ethical concept, flexibility)

* Show participation & communication in meetings and work shops

* Must not use drugs, smoke or drink during activities

* Show proof of medical insurance or accident insurance.

* Must be open to conduct office work, field activities or community work

If that sounds like you - submit your CV now: